Introducing the Eightuino

February 03, 2014

I am currently developing my own AVR development, arduino like. I want to make it a industrially made PCB, and I want it I am certainly not the first one doing this (or even in the first thousand), and some would probably say "Niels, this is a totally pointless exercise, why don't you go to something else"

And maybe it is, but who are they to tell me what to do? I have some issues with the arduino in its standard configuration, where the most irritating of these are the downright stupid design decision of a pinspacing incompatible with a standard perforated protoboard. And they are expensive, unless you go with an imported clone.

But I go the idea in this episode of the EEVBlog, where Dave agrees with a viewer, that building a kit is a good learning experience. Mind you, he is probably talking somehting more advanced than yet another Arduino clone, but this has the added advantage of giving me a piece of experimenting equipment that I need.

Design goals:

  • DIY friendly
  • Programmable from the Arduino IDE
  • As cheap as possible.

In the next couple of weeks, I will go through the process of designing the Eigthtuino.

I am currently at my second prototype, which, confusingly, is called the eightuino, rev1. It will take some time before the blog series will reach this far, but here is a spoiler (yes, I now, it is a bit wonky in the construction, that is what you get when you solder with a hangover):

Eightuino Rev1, first look

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