AVR Assembly - The 44-byte blink

For the past week, I have been looking into assembler programming, specificallyfor the AVR series. I have really been... Continue reading

Eightuino Design Goal #3: Cheap!

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Eightuino - Why, Oh, Why?

There have been some comments on Elektronik-forum, suggesting other waysof obtaining a cheap arduino(-clone), instead... Continue reading

Eightuino Design Goal #1: DIY friendliness

In this and the next two posts, I will outline what I understand by thedesign goals of the Eightuino. The first goal ... Continue reading

Introducing the Eightuino

I am currently developing my own AVR development, arduino like. I want to makeit a industrially made PCB, and I want ... Continue reading

Hello, World!

Hello, world! This is my new jekyll powered blog.A code snippet:def print_hi(name): print("Hi, %s" % name)... Continue reading